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– Apply to be a Shareholder or Donate (downloadable PDF as current)

Membership and shares

Anyone is welcome to join the Society as a member, and we are always pleased to invite new shareholders. Please download a  Membership/Share Application Form. The way that shares work in the Society is explained in our last    SHARE PROSPECTUS

Please note that the leasehold not the freehold was purchased, for legal reasons, and so the share prospectus is not entirely accurate now on that point. However we retain the flexibility to carry out all the works described in the prospectus. 

Potential investors may be interested in reading the publication on  Community Shares by Cooperatives UK. More information is available at

The Shareholder Scheme

The Rules of the Society are available to download here: SGSA Rules.

(These have recently been revised; a list of revisions is available)

You are eligible to become a member and a  shareholder if you are aged 16 or over. You become a member by buying a £10 share. As a member you will be able to vote on issues regarding the running of the shop at the AGM. One member has one vote. 

You can apply for membership of Strood Green Shop Association whether you live in the local area, or feel an association with it through friends, family, the school, the church or even the social events and pubs, or if you are just keen to promote community enterprise and the preservation of village life.

As a member you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the community shop and helping to ensure its success. 



The shop association is always grateful to receive extra donations. The building work has been covered by a combination of the share capital and a Surrey County Council grant, with an additional loan which is being repaid via rental income from the new flat above the shop.