About Us

The Shop at Strood Green is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff who have created a true village shop at the heart of the community, where people come not just to shop, but to meet and exchange news, conversation and laughter.

Our emphasis is and always will be on customer service.

The Management Committee and Staff

The Shop at Strood Green follows the same model as the majority of UK community shops, run by a local volunteer management committee, with a group of employed shop staff who are supported in turn by many other local people who volunteer their time.

It is therefore truly community run, and all profits are either reinvested into the business or used to benefit the local community.

We are a registered Community Benefit Society and the Management Committee is appointed annually at its AGM by the Society’s members.

Committee members are all available by phone or email, and their contact details are listed at the shop (tel: 01737 843965).

Membership and shares

Anyone is welcome to join the Society as a member.  To become a member, you need to purchase at least one share (£10 each). The voting rights are one vote per member (no matter how many shares you hold). Please enquire at the shop for a membership form.

Members are eligible to put themselves forward for a position on the Committee, and to exercise their vote at the AGM.

From time to time, the Committee may approach the community to raise investment via the sale of community shares (the last time this happened was in 2012 to build the café extension).  For more information on this type of investment, see http://www.communityshares.org.uk

Our heroes

Over the years there have been so many individuals who have contributed their time, talents and energy to the renovations, development and running of the shop and the Society, as well as the many hundreds of shareholders and donors who have contributed financially, that we can’t possibly list them all here. However, without those individuals the project wouldn’t have gone ahead – so it’s one big thank you to you all!

Companies and organisations who have contributed include: Brockham Bonfire Committee; The Plunkett Foundation;  Co-operative and Community Finance; Surrey County Council (Community Improvements Fund); SEEDA Rural Access to Services Programme; Sidney Michael Poland Trust;  O2 It’s Your Community Awards;  Gatwick Airport Community Fund;  Helyn Clack, Surrey County Councillor; One-Stop Stores, with special thanks to Paul Wilson;  Brockham Vicarage Fund;  Brockham Parish Council;  Brockham Good Companions;  Brockham Women’s Institute; Dorking Roofing;  Leigh Residents Association;  Surrey Community Action;  Alan Wyle, Village Shop Adviser;  Ascend Internet Ltd;  Betchworth Electrical Contractors Ltd;  Chalkhill Systems;  Midmar Energy;  One-Stop Joinery; PR Windows;  Premier Carpentry;  Surrey Blinds and Awnings;  Surrey Stained Glass;   Unum Ltd.